Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Begrudging Baker

Dear All,

As you may have noticed, I am approaching you this week through a slightly different blog to my usual one. This is because thebegrudgingblogger does not have enough focus, and as we are learning in Multimedia Reporting this week, focus is something we need in our blogs. It doesn't matter what you blog about, as long as it's niche and focused.

So, this is my new blog. I will leave the old one up, in case anyone wants to use recipes/look at cakes/stalk me. But it had become rather schizophrenic; part baking-based blog, part diary and part soapbox. So this blog is to be purely in pursuit of excellence in baking. I will post pictures and step-by-step recipes, updates on new techniques I am trying and...(drumroll) progress on my application for the Great British Bakeoff Series 4!

Yes, that's it, I am finally going to pursue my dream (not journalism, that is my other dream) and apply to stand before Paul and Mary and have them destroy my ego by complaining that my pies have soggy bottoms and the crumb texture is too dry. I will pour my soul into sachertortes, craft croquembouches that scrape the ceiling, pipe veritable mountains of fluffy buttercream on cupcakes light enough to float...if I get through to the live shows.

You see, I'm just not sure I'm good enough. The same culinary creations that my friends gasp at might fall far short before Paul and Mary. Is my choux pastry crisp enough, my creme patisserie smooth enough...WILL THERE BE SOGGY BOTTOMS? 

I just don't know. They might even reject me on the basis of my application form. Even if I do get on, I may have a baking-based nervous breakdown. I did once develop an ectopic heartbeat (a kind of stress-based palpitation) based mainly aound the amount of baking I was going to have to do for my 21st birthday. I have been known to cry over cupcakes, roll about on the floor over quiches - can I really take the stress of the Bake-Off alongside doing an MA in Journalism?

Who knows? I certainly won't know until I try. So here are some past pictures of my best bakes to whet your appetites. More to follow this weekend.

Over and out,


Chocolate and cointreau croquembouche covered in spun caramel, toasted almonds and edible glitter

Unbaked chocolate cupcakes filled with amaretto-soaked sponge, cream and strawberries
Vanilla cupcakes, mint and chocolate cupcakes, coffee and walnut cupcakes and butterfly cupcakes

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