Saturday, 26 January 2013

Irish Potato Farls

Ok, so I've got a confession. This is not, strictly speaking, a baking recipe. There is no baking and there is no raising agent. However, there is flour, a kind of dough is formed and these are also sometimes known as potato bread or scones. So I'll give you the recipe anyway.

Potato farls make a great accompaniment for eggs at breakfast. This recipe makes four, which should be enough for two people. If you do not cook all the farls at once then refrigerate them between sheets of greaseproof paper. They will also freeze.

You will need:
250g mashed potatoes, no milk added
a small knob of butter
50g plain flour with some for dusting
salt and pepper

1. Mix the butter and seasoning into the mashed potato. You will need to be generous with the salt.
2. Add the flour in two batches to the mash, mixing well until it comes together in a dough. Flour the work surface and the rolling pin and roll the dough out to a rectangle about 5mm thick. Cut into 4 farls.
3. Heat a little oil in a frying pan and fry the farls until golden on each side.
5. Serve with eggs.

I found this recipe in the Observer Food Magazine, in a section written by a blogger called Miss South. You can find her here. She writes about eating well on a budget, so well worth a read for all you students out there. Some of the baking recipes look pretty good, I'm quite tempted to have a go at the chestnut caramel shortbread.

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